Powered vs Unpowered Speakers

Powered vs Unpowered Speakers

How do you imagine a life without music? Of course, it is a big no. All of us have a different taste for music, whether it is fast or slow, but it does exist for everyone. Music is a kind of stress buster for all of us. We can connect to a myriad of emotions through music. It touches your soul and heals your body. Here comes the role of speakers. A good range of speakers does really affect the quality of music you listen to. That is why we want you to get more idea about the type of speakers- Powered and unpowered speakers. These live sound speakers are not something new; you must have heard it in sports fields, places of worship and many other places.

A powered speaker is the one which has a built-in amplifier into its own system. It is compact and streamlined, you will find it is built on laptops, home computers, Sonos etc. No one wants to get fussy about the wire application, so powered speakers are definitely the best option for them because of its built-in amplifier feature.

Some of the Best Powered Speakers of 2019 are:

  • PRO RECK CLUB 3000
  • Watt Powered PA Speaker System
  • Rockville RPG 122 Dual Powered Speakers
  • Klipsch R-14 PM Powered Monitor

The unpowered speakers do not have this specification; instead, they get the power from an independent power amplifier. With the powered speakers, you get to know the type of sound as you hear them. To contrast, with the unpowered speakers, you won’t be able to know the sound until you use the exact combination from the speaker. Whether you should buy a powered or non-powered one, it completely depends on the situation. While selecting speakers, you might get to feel confused by many options like, powered, unpowered, active or passive. To clear this confusion from your head we will see what are the pros and cons of powered and unpowered speakers. You will also find that there is a slight difference between powered and unpowered speakers. We would also talk about their features in detail.


Powered Speakers– These are more convenient because of the usage of less wire and other equipment. It is like you already have all in one speaker and do not need too many wires to connect with it. It is compact and you need lesser equipment to use that so that there is lesser room for more number of equipment failures at a time.

Unpowered Speakers– Since you can add a lot of accessories to it, you get to customize the music more. People feel that finding the compatible device for the unpowered speaker is an easy task. No, it is not because many times it happens that the speaker is not compatible with the device. If you install the device which is not compatible with your speaker, it might also disrupt the present device.


Powered Speakers– These speakers are more portable. Most of the powered speakers can be attached to a stand. Since they are directly connected to the mixer, it reduces the usage of a number of cables required and thus increases the portability. These speakers are lightweight as well.

Unpowered Speakers– It brings voluminous devices with itself. When we operate with these kinds of speakers, we need external devices. So if you are planning to travel with just speakers, you cannot do that, you need to carry extra devices.

Power Usage

Powered vs Unpowered Speakers

Powered Speakers– Since it has everything inbuilt, it probably lacks in terms of power because it utilizes everything from one source. It is difficult to make adjustments there. Overheating is one of the common problems with the powered speakers because everything is at one place and since the heat is not evenly distributed, it remains at one place. When it is overly used, there are power issues.

Unpowered Speakers– In terms of power usage, these speakers are far more powerful. If you see, there are professional sound systems are which are unpowered because the usage of power gets evenly distributed and it is not stuck in one place.

Now you must be thinking about which one to buy, we say that there are pros and cons of both the kind of speakers. Not every single musician on the earth owns powered speakers. There are reasons associated with it. One, the powered speakers have amps inside, two; they are bit heavier single speakers. You will also have to shell out more money if you want to buy the powered ones. According to musicians, your mixes will sound better with the unpowered speakers. Nevertheless, powered speakers are portable and easier to use. An amazing benefit which comes up with powered speakers is that the speakers sound better. The speakers produce better and cleaner sound. The choice is yours; you can always decide what is more suitable for you.

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