JBL Arena B15 Powered Speakers Review

Jbl Arena Review

JBL Arena B15 Powered Speakers: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • It’s the bass surround sound
  • Balanced Speaker
  • Worth for money
  • Portable
  • Easy to assemble

What We Don't Like

  • You need to angle it towards the listening position.
  • Two channel listening cannot be retained.
  • Low-efficiency rating
  • Required a subwoofer

JBL has launched eight models in its Arena series. In this article, we are reviewing JBL arena 120 which is the smallest in the series with some of the unusual proportions. The product has been tested on all of the parameters to conclude whether they worth the money or not. This JBL arena review will help you to make the right decision for your money.

It has the nice built quality and wall mounted features are an added value. It could be said to be small bookshelf speakers with specific dimensions. It has rounded its front portion to provide a classic matte finish. JBL arena comes with a user manual, mounting templates, and rubber cushions.  On connecting the speaker we found that it has the authentic and natural sound for low range and jazz.

The room range covers by the speaker were quite large. We moved to the music with a focus to bass sound and we are really pleased to a large extent. Even solid drum beat or bass guitar all sounds great. The midrange also has the same experience, pleasant and clean. The higher frequency is something where you feel a little bit withdrawn, though they are clear enough. And with aggressive music, you will definitely feel something is missing. So if you can ignore these minor drawbacks these are the best speaker to sound.

It is an integrated wall mount solution with a flexible installation system that works both as a bookshelf and surrounds sound speakers. It has a height of 13-7/16 inches and a width of 7-13/32 inches. It has a really good black and white finish with poly cellulose fillers.

Who is This Product For

It’s a speaker for a small gathering and in a house party. You can wall mount them in your garage or shop they will sound perfect. You even can use it for a small DJ party and another gathering. It covers a huge sound range with very minimal distortion for high range only.

What’s Included

It has a special Grill and logo edition with surround sound. It has a 2-way bookshelf and a 1-inch soft dome with HDI and 7-inch woofer. Its special offerings are the high definition Imagining and wave guard technology for high-quality performance.

Overview of Features

Jbl Arena Reviews

  • Surround Loudspeakers

It has a 1-inch soft dome tweeter and 5.5 inches poly cellulose woofers. The frequency response is 100 Hz to 40 KHz and sensitivity of 86 dB. It has a nominal impedance of 8 ohms. Its recommended amplifier power is of 20 to 100 W.

  • HDI Wave Guard

High definition imagining wave guard technology and soft dome tweeter provides crystal clear surround. Its HDI wave guard technology assure the sound quality and it delivers to its promise. This is a high definition imagining wave technology for clear sound output. This is the technology which makes it the “best in business” speaker for the price range it has been offered.

  • Poly Cellulose Woofer

It has 5.5 poly cellulose woofers which bring JBL to surround sound.

  • Wall Mount

It has an integrated wall mounted solution for flexible installation and system configuration.

How to Use JBL Arena

For best sound experience place the speakers 6-10 feet apart. Angling towards listening position is required. Speaker and amplifiers have positive and negative terminals. Connect each positive terminal of the amplifier to the speaker and negative to the negative terminal of the speaker. Meanwhile, make sure that positive and negative wires are not touching each other.


In accordance with the specifications, it has the following alternatives.

  • JBL Arena B15
  • Polo Audio T15
  • Yamaha NS -6490
  • Edifier R 1280T Powered bookshelf speakers.

Final Verdict

To begin with yes it’s a great speaker in terms of sound and portability. The price for which it’s being offered makes it really impressive. Though we have listed its alternatives but the price for which it has been offered eliminated all of them. We in our JBL arena review found the best product for the money.

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