Best Powered Speakers for Live Band

Best Powered Speakers for Live Band Reviews

When you plan to buy a powered speaker sound clarity and range are your main concern. The market has a lot of variables to offer with so many highlighted features. You have to consider your audience size, power, portability and durability at the same time with sound quality to pinpoint best powered speakers for live band.

Comparison of powered speaker for a live band has been made on the basis of their line input frequency, amplification, processing, delivering and extent of monitoring required. The sound range specification has more emphasis on mid a bass range. We try to keep the article simple in terms of technical jargons to make it relevant for everyone.

Top 3 Powered Speakers for Live Band Comparison Chart

JBL EON612 Power Speaker
It features a wave guide technology and is integrated with a modern design. It has an inbuilt Bluetooth system along with various controllable features.

Behringer Eurolive Power Speaker
It features high power and is quite compact and light in weight. It offers incredible sound quality and consumes low power. It is also integrated with a sound processor.

Mackie THUMP Power Speaker
It delivers impressive sound quality and features a 1000 watt power which is quite high. It is really durable and comes in an affordable price range.

Powered Speakers for Live Band Reviews

We have picked three speakers in the market which in our opinion are best-powered speakers for the live band. These power speakers have been analyzed on their pace to convert acoustic sound to electronic signals with processing and mixing of these signals to produce amplified sound.

1. JBL EON612 Power Speaker

JBL is an established name in speaker manufacturing. The company has offered a new product in the market named JBL EON612 with JBL waveguide technology. We pick up this speaker for its power and range.

JBL EON612 Power Speaker Highlights

It has ios and android supported Bluetooth with a compliant interface to control master volume and parametric EQ. For input balance, it has ¼ inches 2-XLRwhile output combo includes 1-XLR. The AC input voltage is of 100-240 VACS with a range of 50 Hz to 60 Hz. The combo will include power code of 10 foot within the box.

What We Like About JBL EON612 Power Speaker

  • If paired with subwoofer sound quality delivered is really nice for the price.
  • Light handles at each side
  • Sounds constant at every angle

What We Don’t Like About JBL EON612 Power Speaker

  • It’s not one in one speaker system; you need to invest in a good and compatible subwoofer.
  • If you are searching for a massive power speaker it is not the one.
  • Its Bluetooth connectivity is comparatively weak.
  • Making it lightweight has a toll on its durability.
  • Sounds good for a specific range
  • Extra heating has been managed
  • Not a standalone speaker
  • Consumer replacement is not provided

2. Behringer Eurolive Power Speaker

We picked up Behringer Eurolive power speakers for its live and playback application. These are ultra lightweight and provide quality sound at extreme sound pressure. It has high power 200 watts 2-way PA surround sound reinforcement speaker system with even sound from each angle.

Behringer Eurolive Power Speaker Highlights

It comes with class- D amplifier technology which improves its power and sound quality. It also has an internal switch mode power supply for noise-free audio. Its transient response and low power consumptions are also worth mentioning apart from its integrated sound processor.

What We Like About Behringer Eurolive Power Speaker

  • We liked its power and volume as there is no marketing gimmick. it delivers what it promises in terms of power.
  • Having mentioned its power and volume, it’s efficient at most for the mid-range.
  • Its carrying handle enhances its portability with its lightweight body.
  • Yes it was nice and clear bass sound

What We Don’t Like About Behringer Eurolive Power Speaker

  • Sounds good but with added subwoofers.
  • A deep low is what you will miss in it.

Best Powered Speakers for Live Sound

  • RCA and XLR adapters
  • Affordable
  • Bass and midrange sounds great
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Subwoofers required
  • Limited functions
  • Under power

3. Mackie THUMP 12 Power Speaker

We pick up this speaker for its speaker sound optimization and power which it delivers. It has 3 bands EQ perfect for acoustic and vocal application. The 12-inch subwoofer and 1.4 inches titanium dome HF driver ensure dynamic bass response with an amazing low at all volume.

Mackie THUMP 12 Power Speaker Highlights

It has 1000 watt high input power and 12-inch low-frequency driver. It has integrated cross over and transducers time alignment to deliver outstanding sound quality. The company claims it provides low end with a class. It has ultra efficient class D amplifiers and 1 inched compressor driver. It has precision 2- way crossover and dynamic bass response. Mic input allows direct connection of microphones. In terms of portability, they are lightweight with a tripod and mounting options including pole mounting. For durability, it has rugged propylene construction design which makes it for heavy use.

The 2-way crosses over splits the high and low to the right speakers. Then after additional phase correction and driver time alignment add definition and coherency. It’s signal limiting optimizes the signals and robust system makes sure the best sound quality at all range being delivered.

What We Like About Mackie THUMP 12 Power Speaker

  • We liked its bass quality
  • These are too light
  • These speakers actually allocate wattage frequencies in a very even manner which makes it sound crisp.

What We Don’t Like About Mackie THUMP 12 Power Speaker

  • We liked everything about it except the knob at the back which is long to be a drawback in terms of portability.
  • Bass quality though god if compared to its counterpart sometimes it gets really very heavy.

Powered Speakers For Live Sound

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Cost efficient
  • Durability
  • Bad customer service and after sale support system
  • Built is not up to the mark

Final Verdict

Power is the main, if not only, factor when it comes to, powered speakers live sound. Apart from power bi-amplification also carry importance. It’s a process to divide the audio signal into two frequency range which needed to be sent to two separate amplifiers which in turn is audible from two separate loudspeakers. We have chosen these three powered speakers as best powered speakers for live sound because of its efficiency of bi-amplification. Secondly the cross over, it’s a device which separates audio signals into different frequencies, is also a very important aspect. It generally compromises of low pass filter to channel signals with low frequency to the woofer and a high pass signal which do the same for high audio signals. These three speakers are budgeted and portable with all the specific technicalities involved.

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