Alto Professional Trouper Powered Speakers Review

Alto Powered Speakers Review

Alto Professional Trouper Powered Speakers: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Compact shape
  • Portable
  • Small size with great sound quality
  • Nice volume

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn’t feature a strong Bluetooth connection

If you are looking for the affordable audio solution without compromising the price then our review will help you in your search. Alto powered speakers review will provide you to better clarity on your buying plans and technical knowledge. So let’s get started.

To begin with, its speakers are well built and small in size. You can travel with them, to cut it short. It just weighs 23 lbs and handles make it more portable. The sound is something which will amaze you. The clarity and quality, even the volume offered is really something unexpected.

One thing though worth mentioning is that it will take time to equalize. Therefore input required some settings to perform in a better manner. Also, only one sync works at a time out of three which could be a limitation for some audiophile.

It has 3 channel mixer which is more preferable for small venue performance and home studio listening. It is lightweight with a built-in rear handle. To add on more to its portability it has rubber feet pole socket.

Connectivity has been taken care of with wireless Bluetooth system. And also with its two linked units for stereo and XLR link output for any additional speaker or subwoofers. It’s integrated 3  channel audio mixer multiple the volumes with 2 bands EQ on each channel.

Its 200-watt bi-amplified system is worth mentioning with 6.5-inch woofer and 1-inch high-frequency driver.

Who is This Product For

These products are mainly for small venue performance and home studio listening. Therefore, if you are planning a small party in your backyard, these will not upset you in terms of sound and connectivity both.

Apart from that, it is more suitable for solo artists and small ensembles venue.  The trouper with a built-in mixer ensures that the audio source of your choice should be played hassle free. It’s leveraging technology from true sonic and black series sound reinforcement system which makes it best sounding for full feature small venue.

What’s Included

Its Bluetooth antenna design ensures a wider range covering. It also streams stereo signals between speakers without any cables. An integrated 3- channel mixer has a 2-low frequency and high frequency built in EQ for each of its channels. The speaker has all of the features integrated namely XLR, RCA, 1/4 inches and 1/8 inches connector which accommodates various input sources.

Overview of Features

Alto Powered Speakers Reviews

  • Built-in Mixer

It has increased a 3-channel professional audio mixer with a 2-band equalizer on each channel. Connectivity has been taken care of with 2 XLR with 1/4 inches combo input and stereo RCA with 1/8 inches input. Both of these XLR and RCA connect microphone, DJ mixer, and many more types of equipment.

  • Sound Quality

It has the bi-amplified design with low and mid-end woofers and 1-inch frequency tweeter.A2DP streaming audio ensures full stereo link while using 2 –Trouper loudspeaker.

  • Technical Specifications

It has a frequency range of 65Hz to 20 KHz with a crossover of 1800 Hz. It comes with a maximum SPL of 117 dB SPL at one minute for continuous sound while 120db/minute for peak sound. It has two band equalizers with low frequency and high frequency.

How to Use Alto Powered Speakers

In a power speaker tweeter, amplifier and subwoofer are built in and attached in the same cabinet. To connect a DJ mixer use the left and right output to connect. To connect one trouper loudspeaker system with Bluetooth audio devices, press and release the trouper loudspeaker pair button. Its LED will flash with a confirmation tone and your device is ready to use.

A dynamic microphone can be connected using XLR or ¼ inches TRS cable while a guitar can be connected through ¼ inches TS cable.


With the specifications offered a most nearby alternative will be Alto professional trouper and power work PA system. Though former is not light enough specifications offered are somehow similar to the Alto powered speaker.

Final verdict

If you are looking for an affordable audio solution then this is your speaker. With excellent sound quality and portability, for the price offered, it is a must buy.

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