Powered speakers are also known as loudspeakers as they have an inbuilt amplifier. You can directly connect them to a mixer or any low- level audio source. A wide range of powered speakers is available in the market varying in terms of price range and specifications. Some of them are used in the live bands, concerts while on the other hand, some are ideal for DJ and turntables. In such a situation, selection becomes quite daunting. That’s why on our platform we have reviewed some of the best-powered speakers that will make the selection easier for you. We are also offering some guidance regarding the selection of speaker size, connecting them to a mixer and much more.

Best Powered Speakers Reviews

Best Powered Speakers

When you are an audiophile, you know the importance of the right speaker. If the purchase went wrong the sound coming out of your speaker will be a cacophony. Purchasing best-powered speakers is a daunting task especially when companies have so many window dressed features.

Best Budget Bookshelf Speakers

We purchase speakers for pleasure in listening. And it could be achieved even on a budget. In the given article we have compared and reviewed five best cheap bookshelf speakers available in the market. Hope it will help you to pick the best speakers for the money.

Best Budget Bookshelf Speakers Reviews

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Powered Speakers


Jbl Arena Review

JBL Arena B15 Powered Speakers Review

JBL has launched eight models in its Arena series. In this article, we are reviewing JBL arena 120 which is the smallest in the series with some of the unusual proportions. The product has been tested on all of the parameters to conclude whether they worth the money or not.
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Alto Powered Speakers Review

Alto Professional Trouper Powered Speakers Review

People from around the world use dust collectors to keep their factories and woodworking shops clean from dust and dirt. Dust collectors are necessary for a wood working environment. These machines efficiently clean the atmosphere as well as prevent health issues including allergies and infections that are caused by dust…
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Powered Speakers


How to Connect Powered Speakers to Mixer

Can You Connect Powered Speaker to a Mixer?

A lot of people get really confused when they think of mixers; by this, we mean the powered mixers. The reason they get confused is –if they have already bought a powered speaker, do they really need powered mixers? We would like to first define what a mixer is.
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How to Determine Speaker Size

Know How: Determining the Speaker Size

The DJs have made our lives more jazzy and musical, isn’t it? Thanks to Jimmy Savile, who threw the first world’s DJ party in 1943 and played jazz records for his guests. He was also the first man to use turntables to keep the music in continuous play.
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